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2.5 TDI power

07-01-09, 17:38
:confused: so i've been thinking that my van is a bit on the slow side, it's only the 88 hp version but it was really struggling on hills and on the motorway up slight inclines, i started it up today and i now have a lot more power, i did'nt notice it at first but it pulls up hills in 3rd now and is so much more enjoyable to drive!
I am slightly confused by this and have all sorts of ideas as to what has caused it from a collapsed catylyst to a slip on the timing belt.... does anyone have any ideas???

07-01-09, 17:45
Mine lost loads of power a few years ago,turned out to be dodgy air flow metre(I think thats what they said it was called)I had damaged the vent in the drivers wing and this led to water getting sucked in damaging part,changed it and instant power again


p.s. it did start as a intermitant power loss

07-01-09, 17:46
Quite bizarre,

I posted a very similar post this morning (rudiedoo), however I went for a drive this afternoon, and the problem I've had for a month seems to have resolved. Maybe something to do with the cold spell?????