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2ltr Petrol running history

08-01-09, 07:38
Does anyone out there know anything about the 2 ltr petrol engine, is it a golf engine? can it be modified, enlarged, swoped for the 2.5. Whats the history of it?

My one has 114k miles but is still going strong, leaks oil but does not burn it.

I would like to fit power steering to it but need a casting that goes on the engine. Can I get this from a Golf?.



Noo Noo
08-01-09, 07:53
I'm in a similar position to you. Mine's an early 1.8L.

Basically everything I've found out thus far is that my engine is basically a golf block with a few modifications to suit the T4. I'm guessing it's pretty common practice for VW to keep the basics similar, add a few different bits and then give it a whole new engine code. I could be wrong though :confused:

I've been using this forum (link below) for engine help.


and www.vagcat.com obviously

As far as power steering was concerened there were a couple of short threads on this forum that confirmed it's possible. You'll obviously need the rack, pump etc. A search I think.

Got to admit I'm interested in the engine swap idea too. Loads of Golf engines available and my van is pretty solid so I fear the engine will one day give in before the rest does. I tend to do a few miles too.

So far I think and 8 valve short block will fit but obviously wont give me much improvement on the power front.

27-08-13, 22:07
Hi. I have just purchased my very first 1994 T4 1.8l petrol Caravelle with 62,000 original miles and wondered what I should look out for in terms of servicing intervals and cam belts etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Noo Noo
28-08-13, 10:38
No idea what the book says but this is what I did and it seemed to be ok.

Oil change - 5000 miles. This worked well as you can time it on the odometer.
Cambelt - 40,000 miles. Same as above. By the way this is really easy job. Scary first time but a real anti climax afterwards.

Plugs, rotor arm and dizzy cap once a year.

Oh yes. Look at getting the carburetor serviced regularly too. It's a Pierburg and they are known for being a bit weak. You can get a Weber DMTL 32/34 to work on there. That's what mine had. Again get a service kit for that if you go that way.

That's really all there is to it. Pretty bullet proof engines but sadly not much performance.

HT leads and coil pack are worth keeping fresh. With these buy OEM for the coil pack and OEM or Bosch HT leads. Stay clear of the performance horlicks. Performance leads will melt the coil.

By the way this little engine works quite well with an LPG conversion. Gives a good return on running costs. With LPG the my HT lead advice is a must and watch the carb. As it runs dry while on LPG the needle valve can get stuck open which will flood the engine when you switch back to petrol. (if you ever do. This engine will run 100% of time on gas)

Finally. yes you can fit Power Steering to this engine. You need to source the bits off the 1.9 diesels or the 2.0L petrol T4's. They will fit as the blocks are essentially the same castings. The trouble will be the pulley arrangement between the PAS pump and the new (the pulley that you will add) on the crackshaft. It's a pig to find one that will line the belt up correctly. The alternative is to swap the whole ancillary belt system including alternator to the one that the 2.0L petrol uses.