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totally t4 white & checker

08-01-09, 15:49
Can anyone tell me where I can get a good look at a pic of that lovely white T4 from totally t4, the one with the black and white checkered stripe up the middle.
I saw it on here a while ago and has been the inspiration for a wooden surfboard I'm building. Unfortunately I can't remember who it belonged to. Just like to get another good look at it. It would be really nice also to get a photo with it when it's done (maybe).

08-01-09, 16:33
Hope this is what your after......Team Chequers (

08-01-09, 19:02
My computers gone mad!

08-01-09, 19:06
Yup, that's the one. Cheers! Not quite as I remember it but sooooo sweet.

08-01-09, 19:12
Yup, that's the one, chers! It's not quite as I remember it but sooooo sweet.

08-01-09, 19:29
IT'S ME!!!!

Thanks for the kind comments. Im often in North Devon during the summer ( usually at Saunton) Send me a PM if you are down this way and we can meet up for the photo shoot :D

Matt :ILU:

12-01-09, 11:26
Hey Matt,
I've seen the van a few times around ND and once on the car park at Braunton, that's what got me thinking of board design. It's not like the board's a copy of the paint scheme just sort of inspired by. (cherry and redwood checkerboard inlay on a 2-1/2" centre stringer). The board's a way off being finished but I won't be down Devon for a few months anyway. Will deffinately PM you when I'm down next. T:
I have plans for shaping an EPS with a similar stringer but maybe using balsa and wenge, now that would look good next to your bus. A:
Nice one Matt.

12-01-09, 17:57
Cool, will look forward to seeing your finished boards! I will be around N Devon this summer falling off my board at Saunton on the weekends when there is surf and on the weekends when I dont have my kids.

Look forward to seeing you there Matt

16-01-09, 19:54
This is the progtress on the original so far...

The foam will be a little more white with a checkerboard stringer.
Shout at me if you see my red swb with rs4s and a twin side exit smoker.

16-01-09, 20:31
Looking good Jase, keep the pics coming of the progress T:
Do you do this for a living??

Matt :ILU:

16-01-09, 21:40
thats some work !!!!!
I make guitars for fun, but that`s some craftmanship
love to see it when finished
just finished a solid walnut strat with all gold fittings
but am too fick to now how to load the pictures, doh!!

17-01-09, 12:11
Boardman, now making guitars is some real clever ****, come on get some pics posted. I tried making a neck thru bass some time back but just couldn't get the neck right, truss rods and stuff eh!

17-01-09, 12:17
Hey Matt, do I do this for a living? I wish! No I'm a manager in social care. Unfortunately hooked on surfing (and really bad at it) and too skint to buy boards.
I don't know enough about the design and hydrodynamics aspect to custom make for other people, besides close up they're not exactly spot on.

17-01-09, 19:06
Really nice woodwork there Wavestarved A:

18-01-09, 11:36
Cheers Big cat, I'm just hoping it's going to float.

18-01-09, 12:07
is that one of them kit thing off ebay?

18-01-09, 17:32
I'm loving the look of it Jase!! Will look forward to seeing it in the flesh and hey at least if it doesn't float you won't be able to fall off it!! T:

Matt :ILU:

18-01-09, 20:02
is that one of them kit thing off ebay?

No mate, this is the 6th wooden board I've made, none with plans from ebay.
There are better sources of information and inspiration for zero pounds out there.

18-01-09, 20:12
I'm loving the look of it Jase!! Will look forward to seeing it in the flesh and hey at least if it doesn't float you won't be able to fall off it!! T:

Matt :ILU:

Falling off is what I do best.

Done some more tonight Matt, the deck is all cut and planed up ready to go on, as are the two outer stringers, then it'll just be the rails and nose and tail blocks..........Oh, and the glassing (this is where it all goes downhill for me).
I'll post a pic tomorrow when I upload the photos.

21-01-09, 20:52
Bit late here, got caught up with all sorts of carp like work and the like.
This is with the deck and outer stringers clamped in place (not glued yet, need to find some different glue for this part).

The next part of the build is what I'm really looking forward to, building up the rails and nose/tail blocks so I can start some therapeutic planing/shaping. This is as far as I know the first time this build method has been done, not that I know that much. Its a hybrid of a Paul Jensen (google this guy) style hollow and a trad chambered. The whole deal has taken a while to figure out before I started building it so I'm really hoping that it all works out good. There have been one or two deviations from the original plan so far and I anticipate at least a couple more.
Anyway, more to follow when I've made significant progress.

king marty
22-01-09, 18:54
Dude.. i gott take my hat off to you!
That looks totally awsome! i would love to be able to do something like that...
Must be real forfilling to ride it when its done..
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23-01-09, 14:29
Cheers dude! As for the fulfillingness of the ride, well; we'll see. I'm sure it would be if I was a bit better at this surfing nonsense, but my best manouvre is still falling off.
I now have to start doing a shed load of exercise to build up enough strength to carry it from the car park to the water, stuff me this one's going to be heavy. :eek:

07-02-09, 18:31
just a quick update with some progress on this project.
The tail and nose blocks are on and the outer stringers are cut and chambered, the deck is getting done bit by bit but I'm having to take frequent breaks to thaw out.

the frames lost a bit of weight, next its my turn

nose block on, and the reason progress has been slow recently.

tail block in place...

some deck getting fitted between it all (this bit's fiddly)

And thats about it for the minute, I should get the rest of the deck done tonight unless the missus realises I'm not decorating, I:

Next will be the rail material getting cut and chambered then on to shaping the "blank"
Cheers, off to get my long-johns on.

07-02-09, 22:54
Absolutely awesome work there, some real craftsmanship T:

Although I would want to fall off and get a facefull of it coming out the surf at me :eek:

Can't wait to see it finished.

king marty
08-02-09, 08:51
its looking good, dude, bummer about the weather, reckon you need a big heater in your garage,T:

08-02-09, 09:38
Cheers Maude, I've had a face full of a different wood board last year, it deffinitely smarts a bit.
Thanks Marty, haven't got room for any more heaters, I got this dirty great big lump of a wood surfboard taking up all the room.
I don't think I'll do any more this weekend, I'm off snowboarding later. :D

08-02-09, 21:48
Looking good Jase, at this rate your board will be ready before my van!! :eek:

Matt :ILU:

09-02-09, 13:20
Hey Matt
what're you doing with your van? Looks ready enough to me mate. :ILU:


09-02-09, 16:26
Been to the garage today and they are hoping to start repair work tomorrow and hoping to hand it back to me by next weekend A:
Just waiting for loan money to come through so we can order RnR bed and other bits for the interior T:

Matt :ILU:

09-02-09, 19:24
Groovy mate, you'll be able to overnight park at Saunton and get up with the lark for the early shift. See you there boy! Me, I'm too much of a wimp to sleep in mine, I got a caravan.

09-02-09, 20:12
very very nice work cant wait to see it finished are you gonna glass it yourself to. Looks like it takes alot of patience and skill what youve done ace

09-02-09, 20:40
VH, Cheers buddy, yeah it does take patience but when you're into it, it becomes a labour of love. I will be glassing it myself, I need the practice. This is my 6th board, 5 wood, 1 foam. My glassing on all the others has been progreesing somewhere between awful and average, so hopefully this one will be half decent.
Latest progress update... Deck on. Tail block planed a little

That's it for now, need to source some more timber for the rails before any more happens, next wekend probably.
Thanks all for the encouragement and kind words (oh and for the bearing with the totally off topic non-T4 thread.)

09-02-09, 21:00
Hey VH, just checked out your web thang...Nice work yerself there.

24-03-09, 22:34
Sorry to resurrect this but I do have a bit of progress to report. Well, quite a lot really, nearly all the woodwork is done, with just a bit of sanding on the rails to do now before glassing it.
So, here it is at present...

This is a fin box I made out of oak and mahogany to go in the board, looks more at home than a bought placcy one.

The next time I update it will be glassed (and probably ruined!)

Thanks for bearing with the non-T4 thread, and thanks for kind comments and encouragement.

P.S. My van's got a flat battery! :(

24-03-09, 22:53
How kool is that, sod the water can i have one for living room wallT:

24-03-09, 22:59
what a cool thread, excellent work mate! A: def gonna follow this one to the end keep us updated! :ILU:

25-03-09, 10:13
Cheers bro's. All that's left now is to fk it up with the glassing. I'll have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit yet as the epoxy doesn't like the cold. If you surf and you're down Devon and see me out atSaunton/Wooly, giz a shout for a test ride. Only condition is you have to carry the thing to the water...Mucho kilo! :eek:

25-03-09, 21:24
Im really looking forward to see your board in the flesh Jase, give us a shout when your coming down this way. Board looks sweet!!! T:

Matt :ILU:

26-03-09, 16:27
Hey Matt,
got the van back 'n' sorted yet??
I'm planning on being down Devon for a few days at the start of April but don't stand a hope of having the board glassed by then (my damned job keeps getting in the way). I was planning to maybe take a drive down to Seabase in Newquay while I'm down to pick up cloth and resin, but if there's any swell that week I'll not be moving very far from Saunton. :ILU:

26-03-09, 18:11
Yep all sorted now, RnR bed and removable AA seat fitted, just need awning and will be ready for the summer T: Have the kids 1st weekend of April but might make a trip up if the weather is good. Will catch you otherwise when its warmer and your board is finised I:

Matt :ILU:

26-03-09, 18:12
That board is awesome mate! A: I always wanted to make my own snowboard but the craftsmanship in something like that is superb. Another world compared with my Hawaiian Soul mini mal.

If its finished in time for Lobb fields and you're going, you've gotta bring it so I can see it in the flesh.

27-03-09, 11:51
Hey John, thanks for that.
I don't think I'll manage Lobb fields (again) this year. We're down Devon for the week at the start of april and I really can't afford 2 weeks in a month off work. Same sh*t different year!!
If you fancy giving building a go, I have some simplified instructions I put together last year for someone to build a hollow wooden fish. I could email em to whoever wants a copy. The fish cost about 85.00 total to build inc glass but could be done cheaper still.
It aint that hard, if you can use a tape measure, a jigsaw and a router you're away! Just takes patience. ;)

27-03-09, 11:53
Just noticed I've become an unregistered member. Ooops. I: Must fix that later.

28-03-09, 07:42

Quality Workmanship.

You are very skilled, please keep the pictures and progress reports coming, great thread.


28-03-09, 13:20
Cheers Greentoad,
lets have alook at that Limo, the pic in the avatar is a bit of a tease. She looks sweet in miniature though! :ILU: