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Drivers door not shutting?

08-01-09, 15:56
Hi there does anyone else have a drivers door that always refuses to shut 1st time!

Had a look at the lock and catch, all seems fine. The catch doesnt seem to click quite enough to hold door shut.

Does anyone else have or know how to solve such an issue?

Many Thanks.


08-01-09, 16:34
This may sound stupid but bear with me.

Does the door shut OK if the window is slightly open?:)

08-01-09, 17:30
Have you fitted a new door rubber seal?

12-01-09, 16:13
hey there,

yes have tried closing door, with window slightly/fully open. this makes no difference.

catch only seemsto half catch everytime. then i need to pull again on the handle, to close it.

Roleur Coaster
12-01-09, 16:59
Door may have dropped or sagged a bit on the hinges. May need a bit of adjustment to re-align with the door catch.

Sometimes a little tweak can be done by opening the door, grabbing hold along the bottom of it and lifting up, effectively re-aligning. May be worth a try in the first instance.

12-01-09, 19:49
sounds to me like you need to adjust the catch in your door shut.

it may have been moved by the previous owner. some people think they should be in as

far as possible to make the door nice and snug, but if the catch is too far in then the latch

won't be able to reach the second click. you should loosen the two bolts and

move it out slightly. it will only need small adjustments at a time.....

12-01-09, 20:21
was it ok in warm weather might just be the cold making it stick