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lance2001 t4
08-01-09, 22:19
does anyone on the forum own or know of Y995YGH a 2001 lwb 2.5tdi T4

08-01-09, 22:48
no, what do you need to know about it? Did you leave something in it when you sold it? or has it been used in a robbery?

lance2001 t4
08-01-09, 22:54
ive got the sirvice history for it with a spare key, it was in the glove box of my van when i got it and ive cant find the fellows number who i brought it from. my van is Y994YGH

09-01-09, 00:27
It's still on the road anyway - you can check here: http://www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk/EvlPortalApp/application;JSESSIONID_EvlPortalApp=JmnTVL0hT008C0 8Xf266HTzph2Q7Vwjk1NnVlVFXy6RKVJryTB3H!-1874692578!1569190405?pageid=Vehicle+Enquiry&portletid=VehicleEnquiry&portletns=VehicleEnquiry_en&wfevent=link.next