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Twin Headlight conversion

09-01-09, 10:01
I was wondering if those who have done, bought these could let me now the sizes of the light lenses as I was thinking of having a go at making some as a project as the prices for the units seem a bit out of my price range with the other mechanical items I have to do.

Better mention I have a short nose van.

I have found several different aftermarket types of light units, inspired by the Hella unit the use on coaches, but these are approx 90mm in dia so may look a bit small. The other thought was BMW 3 series head lights.

Just wanted to know what sizes before I get too carried away planning etc



09-04-09, 22:11
where have you seen the ready to go conversions? i cant find any anywhere!!

10-04-09, 20:26

Looka t the link below for pictures. They used to sell them , don't know iof they still do, I think you can get a set from German ebay

Otherwise do a search for projektzwo on the forum