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getting my stainless zorst fitted friday

10-01-09, 14:32
went round today and got a few quotes for a full stainless system cant believe the differance in prices quoted .first of went to a firm called mvm performance they came in at 375 plus vat for a straight pipe from downpipe back to just before spare wheel then branching in to 2 boxes with 4"oval tailpipes not wanting to accept first quote i then went to local powerflow dealer he suggested having a box in the middle of the van and then spliting in to 2 seperate pipes with again 4"oval tails ( he reckoned this would be better and cheaper ) his came in at 565 ,i nearly fell on the floor .so finally tried local zaust supplier and its booked in there for friday morning 320 inc vat same system as powerflows straight pipe from downpipe into one box then splitting before spare wheel and having 2 straight pipes with 4" tails should look good and wont restrict my towbar mounts as much :ILU: roll on friday