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roof bed advice wanted

10-01-09, 17:54
:)Overhead bed in hi top van . still looking on advice on how to make a bed in the hi top that will slide roll or fold away when we are on the move. Hinges slats Ideas please anybody Didnt get much response in conversions so trying again here

10-01-09, 18:13
I have a lwb high top. There is a carpeted board of wood fitted in the high top bit above the cab, and there were 2 other bits the same that slide out to make a big bed up there. Best for kids really although one adult could probably manage up there.
Hope that makes sense. We have the fixed one in place and have fitted a small piece of upright wood so that things don't fall down, just use it for storage at the moment. I can take some pictures for you if you want?
I used to have a renault high top that was simular, the one bit fixed then another fitted to it with a hinge right along the edge, hinge it up and bolts held it to the side of the high top. Then there were 2 other board bits. Bed time comes then undo bolts, so it hinges down, then slide out the 2 boards then theres a nice big bed there, again only best for kids, although I slept well up there once. Great for storage too.A:
Hope all that makes senseH:

11-01-09, 08:34
ok mine not factory high top couldnt find one to buy but a bed is easy to do

i just split my bed into to two halves made of thick ply then carpeted them, the rear part hinges on the van at back and sits a inch or so higher at the hinge end then the front. the front board just pull out on wheels on mine as i kept the old roof gutter to run them on but you could make a track bolted to the side then to put bed away just lift the rear board the inch and slide front board under, for bedding i used a sofa bed i had in loft i then seperated the pieces and stiched the end up so they where in sections easy to do and perfect fit.ok my painting a bit dodgy as wasnt finished when i took photos but bed look good when out and im working on a mini spiral stair case just for a laugh

11-01-09, 21:21
Thanks Guys Thats a great help .