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Gen vw rear bumper post 96 (new)

11-01-09, 12:43

got this thing taking up room in me shed!
this is a NEW GEN VW bumper not a pattern part meaning its gonna fit!!T:

its got a few scrapes on it from been in t'shed!
Ideal if your colour coding it as its never had any silicon on it :ILU:

I can take it to the brickwerks openday/forum meet on the 18th.

50 . i think they are well over 100 from Vw

12-01-09, 20:00

open to offers!

12-01-09, 22:04
Hay, I'm interested, however i am all the way down in Bournemouth. Any chance you are coming to the sea side soon? :)

P.s How "NEW" is it as it seems a bit scuffed?

14-01-09, 09:50
sold :ILU:

14-01-09, 19:41
Paid :jiggy