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Lights - open door

11-01-09, 20:00
Hey all!

I got a strange one for you!

When you open your doors the lights come on right?

Well when i done my re spray the push buttons i took off now i cant get the cable back through the holes!

You know the oval shape switches (1 on each side of the front doors and 1 on the sliding door jam)

I hooked out one of the front door wires with a small bent hook that took me a few hours

The other front door one should not be a problem, its the sliding door one that im bothered about!

As you know the switch is half way up the panel but its dropped down towards the petrol cap!

How the hell can i get to it? I am really really really suck the panel is total sealed!

Any ideas people as im really ' off

Just cant get it

11-01-09, 20:27
take the seatbelt for the pasenger sideout i think you can get at it or near it from there.

before you tak it out, pull all the length of the belt out and tie a knot in it the you will be able to put it back with out it exploding in your face.

also i think the wires for the lights got from the top down so you night be able to get at the wire from above and pull it up?


11-01-09, 21:11
Thank you i shall have a look to morrow! So the front door wires hang down then!

I would of thought the wires for the sliding door was there some where i cant see the factory takin ages per wire!
Thanks for the seat belt tip too