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Bike rack for a barn door??????

11-01-09, 22:00
Is there a bike rack that fits a barn door van?????????????????????????????????????:ILU:

11-01-09, 22:04
fiamma do a rack for barn doors,sometimes pop up for sale on here or ebay,sure someone will pop along shortly to tell you where you can buy them new or show you a pic of one fitted

11-01-09, 22:04
Heres probally one of the best for barn doors..

Might not be the cheapest place to get one but gives you an idea.

11-01-09, 22:04
Please help, going to Centre Parks! My children will be most upset if I cant take their bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:

11-01-09, 22:07
heres one fitted to my van, does the job.

11-01-09, 22:09
That was bloody quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankyou very much.
T4 Forum is this the Bo~~ocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ILU::ILU::ILU:

11-01-09, 22:11
Have a look here bike racks (

11-01-09, 22:21
Cheers chaps!!
Well impressed with your info.
That's it how do I go about paying my money to become a proper member like init, like butty!!!!!
Thanks again! you all rock!:ILU::ILU::ILU:

11-01-09, 22:24
Just got this on ebay for 42 squids. Think me dids ok!!

12-01-09, 10:27
Just got this on ebay for 42 squids. Think me dids ok!!

So it was YOU! I was bidding on that, waiting for the last minute and somebody else outbid me. Well done, you got a great deal there!