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How hard is it to find a good bus?

12-01-09, 15:35
:eek: Been looking a week non-stop! Flea-bay , auto-trader , adtrader,freeads , any/every website/forum i can think of.
Everytime i place a specific ad , i keep getting offered what i dont want by apparent fools.When you ring up they are sold or not as descibed.Apparently a 1000 van with side windows and 50 springs is a 3.5k "Surf Bus" , good to see scene-tax affects all VWs!I:
Latest Tdi ive been following on fleabay has 'lost' best part of 100k miles since it was last in a main dealer:eek:
Fingers crossed there is something out there for me:)

12-01-09, 16:19
Something will come along, its best not to make do with a van that you have a bad feeling about. We found ours on flea-bay so it's just goes to show there are some good ones on thereT:. We ended up paying abit more than intended but feel it was worth it.

Good look with the hunt, your vans out there somewhere.


12-01-09, 17:09
I was looking and had cash and no vehicle for six months, just keep the faith and one will turn up.
To be honest there seems to be alot more about nowadays.
Got mine off this ear site:ILU: but have you tried piston heads and volks zone ect?

TDI Dave
12-01-09, 17:16
rhd multivan in the vans for sale section looks looovly milage on t4 is well up to you

12-01-09, 17:26
here/vzi/pistonheads/80-90/B-Y/flea-bay/adtrader + freeads websites to name but a few.

As ya man says , not gonna grab the first one i see.
Looking at three at the mo............
1- 2.5tdi - VERY interested until i rung up mate at VW centre who ran number plate thr' service computer - had 60k miles MORE on it SIX YEARS ago so am guessing (from the mileage on service history) it would have about 100k more than its showing on clocks.
2- 1.9 td SWB- up and together. Deffo possibility
3- 2.5 tdi -102 bhp LWB up and together .Also a deffo possibility.

Should i go for #2 or #3 ? Have read that if its a daily driver and you wanna drive soemthing akin to a car , buy the the 2.5.But is a LWB gonna get on me t*ts as a daily driver ?

12-01-09, 17:27
you know what these busses are like . you wait bloody ages then two come at once .. I:

12-01-09, 18:15
Unfortunately, I've been saying for quite a while that the 'VW scene' BS is now well and truly in place for T4s. Couple that with the continue trend for all things 'surf' related and the recipe for over inflated prices is there.

As you rightly say, some people are too quick to take a pretty bog standard van, carpet the panels and call it a 'surf van' and expect (or ask) silly money for it.

What exactly is a 'surf van' anway?? I've yet to work that one out..........

My own criteria for my 'van' was quite simple - I wanted a van that would fit my 9'3" surfboard inside and had a height of less than 2 metres, so that I didn't need to faff about with a roof rack and could fit in most car parks - end of sketch. Does that make it a 'surf van'?? Does it fook. Does the fact that I use it to go surfing make it a 'surf van'? Does it fook - it makes it my van that I just happen to go surfing in............

Anyway - as for using a LWB as a daily driver is concerned, I personally don't have too many problems with it, as I have a driveway at home and live in a semi-rural environment - I could see it possibly being a different matter in the middle of a city, but it's a case of getting the van that most suits your needs.

My LWB van ticks all my boxes (although I do now have a craving for more power and would love a van that could annoy the out of chavs and posh car owners) but I would have no issues getting rid of it and finding A N Other van if my needs or wishes changed.

If it happened to wear a VW badge - great, but if that badge meant I had to bend over and take a shafting in order to afford it - sorry - I'd look elsewhere......... :)

13-01-09, 07:32
I throw you this spanner. Dont bother with the 1.9 you will be so disappointed compared to the 2.5tdi.
Something will come along, try a main dealer some might still be taking them in on part ex.

13-01-09, 09:11
I throw you this spanner. Dont bother with the 1.9 you will be so disappointed compared to the 2.5tdi.
Something will come along, try a main dealer some might still be taking them in on part ex.

1.9td's can be really good (as good as a 2.5tdi 88bhp) with a few simple tweaks but low mileage or at least service history is essential. 2.5tdi has scope for much more power if you are into that but its more expensive to do the mods than the 1.9td.

I agree that tidy vans are hard to find, took me ages to find my velle but i cant see me ever selling it as i love it so much. It will be worth the wait!

13-01-09, 18:09
It took me three years to find mine, went every where looking finally one turned up in the next village a whopping 2 miles away. Good Luck.
Chin Chin Soupy.

13-01-09, 19:34
what is your budget anyway? I tried selling my 2.5TDI at the end of last year but didn't get any sensible offers. but that's the way it is at the mo, if you've got the cash to buy something you should be able to pick up a really good deal, you can even get away with giving really low offers and getting someone that is desperate enough to sell... I know I would accept a couple of grand less now than when I first tried selling!

Rob Pomeroy
14-01-09, 12:56
We were looking for a year before we found the right van for our needs. Had to do a 450 mile round trip to get it. It was worth the wait and the effort though, in the end.