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misses siad she"s had enough!!

12-01-09, 18:38
wife said im spending too much time on the van and said "it s me or the van"

god im gonna miss her cookin!!! ps,get a cab luv, the vans stayin!!

12-01-09, 18:40
Life is all about priorities.....I:

12-01-09, 18:52
its funny ive had that very same conversation .my answer was to buy another van she seemed to get the message LOL:

Stereo Steve
12-01-09, 19:01
lol, said the same but wife said theres a bed in yours get comfy LOL:

t4-4 eva
12-01-09, 19:20
i dare`nt say anything to my missus she would ave my bags packed !!! LOL:

12-01-09, 19:21
cant a fella do anythin without the other half moanin!!!!! if you were down the pub shed moan, if ye workin late shed moan, if yoe were seein ye other half shed moan!!!!!!!!!!! ye just cant win can ye. get rid fella!!!! the mrs i mean he he he LOL:

12-01-09, 19:29
just told her "im the boss here" ...........and she kicked me in the nuts!! you gotta luv her spirit (cough cough)