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Oshea Grey Camo Seat cover FOR SALE

12-01-09, 22:34
I have a double seat cover that has never been used.

I bought it to fit to the caravelle double seat i put in the back but it only fits the double front seats in vans. It fits T5 double seats too!!!

It has velcro in the middle so you can fit on double seats with lap belt or 3 point belts, and is fully water proof! (Great for post surf wetsuit action!)

It is the same cover as the one in the picture shown below:


20 pick up
or 24 posted first class.


13-01-09, 00:28
I might be interested mate - do they cover the whole back of the seat? I have a rip i need to cover! If they do 1st dibs pleaseT:

13-01-09, 07:32
The back is black and covers any rips!!

It looks like this (the best pic i have at the mo). It is big enough to allow the front seat to fold forward too!!


13-01-09, 12:41
would this fit mazda bongo rear double seats?

13-01-09, 12:50
Do you have the single 1 as well?

13-01-09, 15:36
no i use the single one. The covers in the picture are in my van now. I bought an extra double seat cover for my rear seat but never used it.

amplifieddesign ...... I am not sure if it will fit double bongo. If memory serves me correct, bongo seats are big and bulky arnt they? very wide?

mark freer
13-01-09, 16:18
if its still for sale i will have it if the other guys bail on it
can i pick it up thursday im in poole all day at the rnli
cheers mate
07779 117573

13-01-09, 19:51
hey will
can you tell me were i can get some of these they look good cheers matey:D

nasty nick
13-01-09, 20:02
hey will
can you tell me were i can get some of these they look good cheers matey:D


16-01-09, 06:35