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Faulty Vehicle Speed Sensor

13-01-09, 21:36
I have this error message from VAGCOM from my ECU:

16885/P0501/001281 - Vehicle Speed Sensor: Implausible Signal
Possible Causes
Wiring/Connectors from/to Vehicle Speed Sensor faulty
Vehicle Speed Sensor faulty
Possible Solutions
Check Wiring/Connectors from/to Vehicle Speed Sensor
Check Vehicle Speed Sensor

My speedo & rev counter still work, but my cruise control doesn't.

I don't have ABS so can anybody tell me where the Vehicle Speed Sensor is and how to test it or such like.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers

13-01-09, 23:18
The route of the wiring of the speed sensor to the ECU is quite long winded. Here it is, speed sensor to fusebox, fusebox to dash, dash speed out to fusebox, fusebox to commoning block above fuse box, commoning block to ecu. If your speedo works the speed sensors fine. A break in the wiring in the engine bay or a wire unplugged from the commoning block seems the most likely. The wires usually blue/white.

15-01-09, 21:45
Many Thanks I'll take a look at the fuse box for the blue\white cables.

I had a quick look and there were three blue\whites cables connected on the top right rear of the fuse box, may be one isn't connected, as I really want to get the cruise control working and I think this error is stopping it. I hope its not a fault in the ecu.