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T4 owners manual

14-01-09, 06:56
As I have upgraded to a T5, I now have a T4 owners manual for sale.

On the front is says its for 'Multivan, Caravelle & Transporter'

Including rather fetching original VW leatherette folder.

I also have the original 'VW Assistance in Europe' book. Although probably not much good, it may be of interest to someone.

All in very good condition, no greasy finger prints.

I had this handbook with my 1997 'P' reg 1.9TD, It has technical data for
- Petrol engines 84, 119, 140 bhp
- Diesel engines 68, 78, 102(tdi) bhp

10 including P&P.


14-01-09, 13:54
hi i will have that,how do you want paying? do you do paypal?
thanks tuggy

14-01-09, 15:12
Hi Tuggy
PM sent