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Can i borrow a garage to do some work?

16-01-09, 19:08
Is anyone in the bournemouth area willing to let me borrow their garage and a few basic tools such as, axel stands and 2 tonne jack?

I am happy to give back! T: :grphg

I have a few things i would like to do on my van, such as an oil and filters service, but lack the sheltered and flat (level) floored facilities.

I have most tools for jobs and have so far learnt how to replace all the glow plugs and self service the van myself, as well as install a double rear seat legally, carpet the rear and install electric windows (all from the info i have picked up on this forum).

In return for use of someones facilities i would be happy to offer my hands at anything you need doing. i can service a 1.9TD engine, sure i could have a crack at any other engine or i can do some other job on the van if wanted (im no qualified mechanic though!!). I can have a go at fixing things around the house or work out whats broken. Can labour in the garden if needed. As you can see i'm generally any odd job boy.

Has anyone got somewhere i can use? pretty please :cheers


Will (the garageless student :gl )

16-01-09, 19:31
has your van got those wheels on in the picture

16-01-09, 19:35
Dam you got me! :D

No, van is just a standard old builders van that i am giving some T.L.C.

16-01-09, 19:37
phew if your up my way anytime let me know i dont mind
come on bournemouth lot help out

16-01-09, 20:22
I have the offeneding items you will need to come collect give me a ring or text on 07835652155

16-01-09, 20:23
sorry dont have garage space but jack and axel standsx, just get out in the cold its more fun!

16-01-09, 21:27
Cheers dude!! but the majour thing is that the road i live on has such a camber that no where is flat!! and i am desperate to check the oil level from cold properly!!!! will give you a shout soon!! :ILU:

18-01-09, 15:11
Just been in for a fresh dip in the waves. Saw piles of T4'ers out today, some of you lot must be members??? Saw a sweet T4 Calafonia TDi and a TDi Multivan. VR6 Multivan too!

Anyone have a spare place i can do some work on my van? :)

18-01-09, 15:22
just been for a dip in the surf at bournemouth too, proberly seen u out before:ILU:

18-01-09, 15:30
What is your van?

It was freezing!! went in at Boscombe all fired up, got my head under a few times (no hat or gloves) nearly died of shock!! then moved over to bournemouth pier.

23-01-09, 17:01
yeh freezin cold and stupidly busy, my vans a white t4 swb lowered on audi rims, with a sortedsurfshop sticker on the back:ILU: