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My T4 is back on the road.....

Mr Big
16-01-09, 19:43

Been off the road for a few months due to uncertainty at work, and various other commitments.

Resinsured it last night so we're back in business.....170 classic car policy :ILU: Not all bad having an early van!

I'm going to run it for a little while to see how it goes as a daily. One of the cars has to go this year sadly and I'm hoping it will be the passat and I can keep the T4. Its a 2.0 petrol but its really not bad on fuel. The tdi passat does 45mpg on the route to work, but diesel is about 15% more expensive than petrol at the moment.

Time will tell. If it doesnt go well, i'll be the one selling a lowered white SWB T4 panel at dubfreeze.