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Does this seem dodgy to you?

16-01-09, 20:53
I found this listing on e-bay....

it seems like a bargain, in fact it seems too good to be true!
especialy when you see this listing that ended a couple of weeks ago...

It's not being sold by the old seller or the new buyer, just seems a bit dodgy, what do you think? Some sort of scam?:confused:

16-01-09, 20:57
Dodgy as they come fella....

check out the username... aint that a character from eastenders...H:...

lance2001 t4
16-01-09, 20:59
that van belongs to a forum member i think:eek:

16-01-09, 21:08
seems too many t4 scams lately,this was or does belong to a forum member who converted it

16-01-09, 21:08
Seller has been an eBay member since yesterday :D

Mmmmm he sounds Soooooo reliable.

Scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam

16-01-09, 21:13
Definatley dodgey, i have just emailed the original seller and the new buyer! we will soon see whats up!!! i would hate to see a possibly new t4 owner, who might want to be forum member get scammed by trying to buy that!

good eyes!A: mitch

team french
16-01-09, 21:16
wouldnt touch it with yours:eek:

16-01-09, 21:22
i had this come up
This listing (170294806563) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number

16-01-09, 21:23
Good, looks like thats sorted then.....

16-01-09, 21:37
A:to mitchA: well done my sonA:

im the sort of lucky git who would of bought it! i have been conned on ebay!

16-01-09, 21:54
got this 2005 T4 van Remocalufoni german version, built in WIIplaypodtendo station sat nav camera tv and everything. with a wind turbine solar thinggy and a at leisurable bat as well as a real bat (in the engine). insulted with 3 ply an Alsation Thermo Hair (TM) it got a radio alarm clock and two front morrisons, two rear morrisons and a slidy jim morrison on the side. and it TOTALLY CARPETED even the carpets.

4000 payable post and parcel force royal included

will except carpets and broken lawnmowers (bags of liver considered)

17-01-09, 15:18
Just to let you know I was the original seller of the Van!!!

Its a scam! the van was sold for 7k and was collected by new happy owner last week!

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed I only just been online!