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T4 value

16-01-09, 21:49
Hopefully I am in the right section.

I need to get a new T5 panel van soon and need to sell my T4 wondered if anyone has a good idea of values for them. Its a 2002 51 1.9 td 800 special Indian blue 42000 fsh alarm fully ply lined full bulkhead and rear window grills very good condition one owner (me).

Any (sensible) idea what its worth ?


16-01-09, 21:53
my mate just purcashed one very simular to that 3700


17-01-09, 08:23
Cheers, looking around the net for hours last night and I saw a few around 4000.

Mines in very good nick apart from a small dent in one wing that i did when it was only a couple of weeks old. I had left a big gate leaning against a wall near to the van and a gust of wind blew it against the van :eek: I didnt swear MUCH. It only dented it and didnt remove any paint so mr dent could fix that i suppose.