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Half bulkhead

16-01-09, 22:29
Got a t4 with a half bulkhead and want to know is there a blind or somthing i can get to block the top half off when i want, Dont want anthing to bulkey just a somthing like a blind i can put up or down

17-01-09, 14:58
Had considered this myself. Thought about 1 large or 2 small roller blinds hidden between the front seats and the bulk head (attached to the bulk head) that could be pulled up to the roof... Let me know how you get on mate, and if I actually get round to doing anymore of the many jobs on my van i'll let you know how I get on!


17-01-09, 16:18
Someone on here had a good idea using blackout bling material and magnets. I have just ordered some magnets and material so should have mine in place next week. I will post up some pictures once it's done.:)

17-01-09, 18:12
Thanks if i get somthing sorted ill let you know ok

17-01-09, 18:15
What i was thinkg was squaring the opening up so instead of a curve at the top it was straight across and fitting roller blind to that