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VagCom + Windows Vista

17-01-09, 11:04
Hello, just got a VAGCOM Cable and Version 409 off fleabay, but having some problems.

It syas I have to test it (ie teh program finds the connection/port etc) , so followed the instructions but as soon as I click Test it freezes.

Now in hind site it does say on the listing for Windows XP and earlier, so guess Vista is the problem???

Looked at the Ross-Tech Site and seems they do do a Vista version, ie V 805, so tried that, but say happens :(

So am I right in thinking that while V805 works with Vista, it may not work with my cable?

Its an OBD II interface, so do I need one of these Mini CAN, HEX Key etc etc interfaces and if so where from and how much?
And how do I tell teh difference :eek:

Many thanks, Jon

17-01-09, 18:20
i had the same problem downloaded the vista patch and it still dont work just doesnt like vista gave up in the end

17-01-09, 20:22
have you tried running it in Windows XP compatibility mode?

to do this, right click on the icon, then click on compatibility.

Click on the check box & then select which version of xp you want it to run in.

I don't have vagcom myself, but I would be interested to see if this works.