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Anyone on here buy this ?

17-01-09, 18:28

I had a shuftie but a quick phone call to local VAG service centre put me off:eek:;)I::)

17-01-09, 18:48
Do tell, you can't leave us dangling like thatH:

17-01-09, 19:02
Well , before i continue, this post is factual and not libelous and i have no axe to grind with the vendor , ok :D

Put a cheeky low bid in and dont know what it was but a 6th sense made me ring my local VAG commercial centre......................................

On the 7 March 2003 it was last serviced by a main dealer and had 188k miles on it then, yep , nearly 6yrs ago!

I mailed matey and he cancelled my bid. I made him FULLY aware of the facts and told him to contact his local VW commercial centre to verify what i had told him.
I noticed he had not changed his ad but has added a hazey/ambiguous few words concerning the mileage even though i had made it very clear to him and told him how to verify my claim.

I hope it was none of us who bought it...................:(

17-01-09, 19:02
Sadly up for auction is my beloved Volkswagen T4 2.5 Turbo Diesel LWB Surf van. I've only had it a few months and have spent a small fortune on it but I've just inherited a brand new Renault Trafic 2.0, doesn't have the grunt or the character of my T4 but I can't keep both.

Well, get rid of the Renault then!!! I:

17-01-09, 19:05
oops, charlie you posted the same time as me, better get rid of the T4 then!!!I: