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German T4 Specs?

Mr Big
18-01-09, 22:48
Does anyone know what the models/specs are of the T4's sold on the german market?

My van is an early one and has no creature comforts at all, especially power steering H:

I need to reduce the fleet by one or two this year, so im considering getting shot of my passat tdi daily and the van and popping across to the continent to pick up a slightly better specced T4.

Any thoughts as to what to look for? Don't have a huge budget and im more interested in a multivan/caravelle than a camper conversion.

Cheers T:

20-01-09, 09:21
Look on thats where I got mine from flew over and drove it home

Exchange rate might be the killer though.


20-01-09, 09:35
As jimmygnarl says, it looks like a waste of time at the minute.
Especially with the €uro at almost 1:1 on £!
Just buy something good over here.

Mr Big
20-01-09, 20:45
From what I've been looking at on its still cheaper to get one over there and crucially there's a lot more choice.

20-01-09, 20:56
Go for it.

I couldn't find the spec I wanted in the UK but there were plenty in Germany and there are no hidden extras like VAT to pay as its in the EU so just email a few, they won't all reply, but do some research and get a broker to exchange the moneys as they give a better rate than the banks.

We flew to Friedrichshafen from Newquay via Stansted and drove it home the next day.


20-01-09, 21:13
Also have a look at for some great vans.

20-01-09, 21:40
The choice might be better if you can go with left hand drive and the side door on the wrong side...

I will never get the van I want unless I put Multivan seats in a twin slider Caravelle, then LHD won't be an issue (school runs - kids bailing out into a busy road)...

Of course the 150 TDI's are the pick of the bunch (some have been upped to 180bhp), but there are LPG V6's available too...

Mr Big
21-01-09, 22:22
Cheers guys T: