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Van pic / plan

Noo Noo
19-01-09, 07:56
Just wondering if anyone has one of those computer type pics of a SWB panel van - similar to what's available in the Custom Van section on here.

trying to get some van plans done (I've got a bit of a crazy window idea) and I want to look at it on the screen first.


19-01-09, 08:17
Page 2 of this PDF :

hope that helps :ILU:

Noo Noo
19-01-09, 08:33
Cheers for that.

Slight problem I dont seem to be able to do much with it. Certainly can't "borrow" it and edit bits.

19-01-09, 08:53
Click on select, then hightlight the picture you want and copy it to your clipboard, then you can paste it into what program you want to use :)

19-01-09, 11:01
That didn't work for me Reimoboy.
But the power of the Snipping Tool did :cool:

Hope this is what you need?
You can 'right click save' as on these:

Noo Noo
19-01-09, 12:50

BIG THANKS people T: