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Thermafleece 50mmx400x1200

19-01-09, 10:04
28 batts of Thermafleece thermal and acoustic insulation, left over from a recent conversion and taking up valuable space. Great stuff - I've been really pleased, have a look at Whole pack (42 batts) cost me 112, sell for 50. Please PM me.

23-01-09, 09:04
Now sold
Cheers Russ

24-01-09, 17:44
Darn I just missed it . Was about to buy some and I live in Stroud too. Did you use it for the roof too or go for the hemp option and did you seal it in somhow Any tips would be much appreciated as about to embark on mine
I have spent two weeks emailing Amdro to no avail . They obviously dont need the businees so will look elsewhere LOL: