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Mot DOH !!!!!

19-01-09, 12:23
So got MOT last week FAILED !!!!!!!

So I need 2 new tyres, extra load tyres to go back on, master cylider is broke ( really hadnt noticed ) and exhaust rubber missing, and failed on suspension height, aparrently resting on bump stops = 380 ish pounds damn it , does this seem correct?

Also was telling me that they would raise ride height to pass mot then lower again after, Im guessing he does not do MOT's himself if he does then im being blagged oh the joys of motoring :-)

19-01-09, 12:37
Bull !!!!!!!! MOT cannot be failed for height, poss if not getting on the ramp? in which case not a fail but a refuse to test, but then they wouldnt have seen your other items!! and maybe if touching bump stops ( a very strict tester) cure get lowered bump stops!!!

and master cyl ??? I think you would notice the pedal going to the floor, unless a slight weap

19-01-09, 12:58
I would have thought that riding on the bump stops is a genuine MOT failure.
As you effectively have no suspension.

But how are they raising the ride height for the Mot and lowering it after ? Springs and shocks ?

19-01-09, 19:43
You have to have clearence fom bump stops mine was resting on them, it was only on front, so wound up torsion bar then back down, mine does ride like a dragster is slighty lower at front. Guy did say he would level it out for me if I wanted thinking off doing it, will be better for van me thinks.

As for master cylinder, I can now notice its better on the pedal, so must have been shot, am loving the new tyres though has given it a meaner lok now lol ....

Think i was bitter due to the cost oh well thas it for another year lol