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Valuation help please!

19-01-09, 20:41

(Hopefully!) I have found what I think is a decent T4.

It's a 1998/9 (S-reg) 1.9td with 140k but full history including just had belts done, 12 months MOT and really clean bodywork. Just a basic white panel van with barn doors, no ply lining etc.

The asking price was 2300 but I seem to have a deal at 1500!

Is this cheap, about right or too much?

Also, I am not sure what year the interiors got changed and refreshed so does anyone have an idea if this will be Inca and the newer dash?



20-01-09, 06:07
i think you got a bargainT: the dash changed about 98 so you may have the old one mines a 98 s reg and that has the old style dash i paid 2300 in november for mine but that was lowered alloys clear lenses badgeless grill all sort of bits already done. good luck

20-01-09, 07:11
dude 1500! rip his arm off!! its a bargin.:D

20-01-09, 09:52
Thanks guys. I will see if I can do some arm ripping then T:

20-01-09, 10:57
Hi Tony,

Sounds good to me T:

I have a 99 on a 'T' and that has the newer style dash etc, I think this was the changeover but not 100% sure ;)

Good luck with the arm ripping:eek: See you at a meet some time soon :cool:


Chris :ILU:

20-01-09, 10:59
Just found out it has six months tax :eek::eek:

20-01-09, 11:16
It's a good price dude! Buy it :)

Bought my2.4d T4 with about the same mileage on an 'S' plate for 1650 earlier this year.

20-01-09, 11:42
will be inca material, but might not be newer dash, seen few t plates with newer dash but dont think i've seen an s with newer dash...

my van was registered late 98 on an r and is the older an s on 98 is prob same...


20-01-09, 21:56
Looks like the deal is done (touch wood) at 1600 as he smashed the windscreen today and Autoglass are fitting a new one on Thursday but still a good deal for 12 months MOT and 6 months tax.

It is INCA but old dash. Can't have everything!

I guess I am feeling happy (but bankrupt as unemployed!) and feel like spreading the love a bit so if all comes together I will have to trade/sell cheap:

- a roofrack as new
- T4 radiator and fans
- lower half rear bulkhead
- Upper ball jont (new) x 2 Q-Drive part number 617440410

Need a tow bar. Let me know what you need.

Will post some pics as soon as I get the beas back home