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Eek?! nearly buying my first van

Captain Chaos
19-01-09, 22:44
On the verges of joining the T4 ranks but having a few wobbles over a couple of things before comitting, any thoughts much appreciated, thanks

1. 2002 tdi 71k very good condition, 4'000 sound okay?
2 It has a solid rear tailgate whereas ideally I would like a window, can this be installed and if so any idea how much and whether wash/wiper can be achieved?
3. At what mileage should the cambelt be replaced?
4. Is it legal to carry passengers in the rear?

paul ss
19-01-09, 23:40
1) 3500-4000 depending on milage etc but sounds about right for a 2.5tdi.

cam belt i would always have changed on any motor i purchased just to be on the safe side but look for recipts and just have a genreal look at cam belt replacment , it should of been done by now , some pepole say 60k some say 80k .

yes passangers can be carried in the rear .

regarding the window yes one can be fitted as for price am not 100% sure but i am sure someone would swop for one with a window , i belive a member was recently looking for one , i may also be intrested .

Captain Chaos
20-01-09, 12:06
Well a swop would be much easier, the solid rear door on this is in mint condition, just having wobbles on buying, normal I guess. Wondering how I will cope as it will be my daily ride with regards to parking (multistories are out I guess unless I slam it on the floor!)

20-01-09, 12:21
I took my LWB in multi storeys before it was lowered - and it was fine (our local one is 2.1 I think).

It's scary the first few times, but it does fit......... I:

As for price - well, vans have dropped a fair bit recently (like everything else) and for a base van (you give no details, so I'm assuming it's bog standard) then I think it's got to be pushing the ceiling of what it's worth at 4k - at the very least, I'd be expecting a FSH and LOTS of paperwork for that money..........

Obviously, you've seen it and it might well be an absolute minter, making it worth a bit more than normal - but still - 4k isn't far off what you'd pay for an already completed van.........

Pics would be helpful to come to a decision - but at the end of the day - it's your money and your final say......


20-01-09, 12:32
Hi, :ILU:
Just thought I would add that you can only LEGALLY carry passengers in the back if they have proper seats and appropriate seat belts fitted. If they just sit in the back on the floor and get seen by Plod the driver gets done - 3 points and 60 minimum. :eek: