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Show me your awning rail pictures

Van Man
20-01-09, 11:14
I need to fit a awning rail to my van and to be honest I cant realy afford the reimo rail:(.

I am thinking of getting some awning rail from my local caravan shop and fitting the rail in the gutter on the roof. ( i know people on hear have done this.

Please can you show me your pictures before I go drilling my roof. I just want to have a look at what it looks like.

Any advise would be grate:ILU:

20-01-09, 11:49
The brandrup one is nice.

Mr Mega
20-01-09, 15:06
Heres how i did mine,
Bit of awning rail from caravan accessories suplier, glass fibre bracket, molded at about 15 degrees, then bolted straight to roof bars, no drilling, easily swapped between vehicles.