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colour code or note???

21-01-09, 13:49
:confused:Im gonna respray my van, keeping it white but probably gonna add a gold pearl for a bit of a flip.
Generally its a no brainer with colour coding on other colours, but with white vans i've always been undecided.
Let me know your views on what I should do, cheers!:ILU:

21-01-09, 13:59

21-01-09, 17:21
personally i'd only do the mirror surrounds but not their bases, and the bumpers, and that

would be it. i'd leave the grilles black to break it up a bit....

21-01-09, 17:36
We had this done to ours (minus the gold flake) but we got the bumprs, all the mirrors and the top bonnet grill done. In my opinion they look more modern with colour coding, but if you leave the bumpers black, i think they look more custom/modified (i would get the mirrors done tho).


darren powell
21-01-09, 17:38
hi mate you can see pictures of my old van go in to team silver and there is a white one in there hope this helps you darren powell

21-01-09, 18:01
definatly colour code the bumpers and the mirror surrounds not the bases or grilles .by the way what are the wheels look good sort of thing im after

21-01-09, 18:12
i was thinking the same about the wheels where are they from;);) oh and colour keyed is the way forwardRasp:

21-01-09, 18:22
oooo intresting!!A:

As for the wheels, got them from DP motorsport in scotland, u can find them on ebay. They are Mugello wheels made by Dotz. 225 50 17, load rated. got a good deal on a package- 625 delivered.
Gotta get the arches rolled though as the offset ie et35 and they dont like the 60mm drop!!:eek:

21-01-09, 18:30
Black bumpers are in this year + they are far more practical for everyday use!

23-01-09, 00:33
im having the same quandry with my white one.
In all other colours like you say its a no brainer but with white.........
Think i have settled on going two tone from the bumper line down, with white being on top, just cant decide what to do low.
Gun metal grey? maroon? black? silver? light blue? every day i think different

23-01-09, 00:43
Why not add a silver pearl instead of gold, this would look sweet with your rims & defo leave the bumpers & mirror surounds black to fit nice with your grillz & rubber?

23-01-09, 19:27
Clarkey, aggree on the 2 tones, I was actually thinking that 2day! Maybe gun metal/anthiasite below the bottom swage line. Think im gonna put pen's to paper to see what its like. It worked well on the splits and bays maybe on the T4's!?:D

Like the silver pearl suggestion too :ILU: