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head gasket issues - Bournemouth

21-01-09, 17:53
Can anyone reccomend a decent garage in the Bournemouth area? Ive got a horrible feeling I have a head gasket issue - loss of coolant and plumes of white smoke from the exhaust! Needs a service aswell so want to combine the two, for a decent price!
What sort of price can I expect to pay?

Thanks in advance :eek:

21-01-09, 22:04
I recomend you do the service yourself and save the pennies for the head gasket, if thats what it is. What engine type is it?

Have you found the loss of coolant? If you undo the oil filler is it all creamy?

23-01-09, 16:12
I know its Poole rather than Bournemouth, but i use Andy at Parkstone Garage. Its on ringwood road. He's done all the work on my bus, and i can't fault him at all. Tell him Chris with the green/silver t4 sent you.

27-01-09, 11:29
Also try Advanced Auto, X'church
I was reccommended these guys by friends with VW's and have been taking my van there for cam belt and services etc....they are good!
I know 2 others on here that use them to.