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2.5 Tdi Miles

22-01-09, 10:30
Hi Guys

Looking to get my fist van, and have a quandry!

Have seen a 2.5 tdi on a 52 plate with nearly 300k on the clock done on motorways, lovely condition, great paint, all original for 2,300

Other option is an older 1.9td with under 200k, and circa "1,500

Is 300k an issue on the 2.5 if it has been well looked after?

Any issues to note?


22-01-09, 15:33
i believe if its got a good history itll prolly be good for another 300.000 plus.
the milage certainly wouldnt put me off buying it.

ps someone please quote me if im wrong

pps i bought my 1.9td with almost 200.000 on it and my 2.5 with 162.000 im more than happy to think theyll do many more miles

22-01-09, 16:21
I personally wouldn't buy a van with that many miles on it. Just seems like an awful lot to me! Mine had 126k on it when I got it and I thought that was a lot:eek:

23-01-09, 12:21
Bought mine with 174k on the clock full vwsh, if its cheap enough and been looked after the mileage shouldn't be too much of an issue. You could buy a 100k that hasnt been looked after and costs more than the 300k to put right bit of pot luck involved.

23-01-09, 13:00
ive one on ebay now 53plate at 1500 50 pence could win it
ive never have any problems with these vans ,im converting one for my self,if they are looked after and in good nick go for it

23-01-09, 13:01
Just make sure you got full service history and cam belt change etc and shouldnt be a problem, test drive is a must. these things are bullet proof

23-01-09, 15:00
Hi Dave funnily enough I have been emailing you about your, sent you another this am, names Ben

23-01-09, 15:09
thats funny ive not seen it been on hear all day and looking at things to see and do in holland

big bazza
23-01-09, 15:22
we have a vw lt tdi with the same engine at work with 350k on the clock its still going but its so gutless now,it dies on hills,and is basically just really tired ,but on the other hand it still does the job and its good on fuel,me personally i wouldnt buy anything with over 200k on it though but thats just me

23-01-09, 16:06
Thats a lot of miles & although the engines are bullit proof a lot of the running gear is'nt, so be careful of what you buy check the service history & as many reciepts as they can find..:eek:

23-01-09, 17:43
Just sent you a pm Dave