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Campingaz or Gelert Double burner

22-01-09, 11:29
Just deciding which one to buy really. The Gelert one looks more solid for just a tenner dearer.
Has anyone got any experience with any of them?

Here are some pics of the models i am talking about.

What do you think?



22-01-09, 11:51
I've got one like the Campingaz one in the photo and have had no problems with it all.
Good, solid cooker, grill. The gas seems to last for ages aswell.

You get the sides with the Gelert one though which can be handy if there's a breeze blowing I suppose.

22-01-09, 15:27
ive also got the campinggaz one cant comment on the other one but im more than happy with mine.
and hopefully ill be using it over the weekend prolly somwere in the south wales area :)

22-01-09, 15:33
Ive used the campingaz one for a few years now with no probs T:
And amazon are doing them for 30
Clicky (

22-01-09, 17:07
I've got a version of the Gelert one and its absolutely PANTS.

I cant remember what I paid, probably about 35, and its flimsy, poorly made and takes an age to cook anything.

Its not 'Gelert' brand, but it is identical to the one in the picture.

Trouble is it's the only one with side bits to protect from the wind.

23-01-09, 13:59
Ok, thanks for the replies guys. I went and bought the Campingaz one for 35 delivered.
Cheers A:

23-01-09, 19:52
late now i know but i also have the campinggaz one good enough stove but sometimes building up the bit for the grill is a pain in the ass looks like the gelert one is fixed

23-01-09, 21:56
Ok, thanks for the replies guys. I went and bought the Campingaz one for 35 delivered.
Cheers A:

Wise choice that man T:

t4-4 eva
24-01-09, 17:48
ive jus been looking at the same!! in argos look decent enough !! ive hears so many mixed oppinions on avein a grill, ive bought a mesh for doin my toast I: jus need a stove now,

24-01-09, 18:08
this is good to know, was looking at the two of them this week!
handy info guys!