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A couple of questions

23-01-09, 17:59
First what is the power lead called for ps2 so i can run it in the van had a look on ebay but cant see any or looking in wrong place

Second question i have just removed the top half of the buldhead on my 98 LWB T4 and what do you use to hold the van part of the headlining (hardboard) part up as the tabs were part of the bulkhead

thanks colin

23-01-09, 18:38
question 1 ??????

question2 there is a plastic strip the same as the one half way down the rear

23-01-09, 19:33
question one its called a 12v power lead for ps2 .to be honest your better running an invertor and second battery though

24-01-09, 12:01
Thanks i have a second battery so ill give that a go with a inverter

As for the headlining when top half of bulkhead is removed the hardboard is about 3/4" short of the plastic strip and the tabs for holding the headlining up are on the bulkhead

24-01-09, 12:33
Using an inverter is one solution, but it is power hungry. It is better to run it direct off a 12v source. If you can get a 12v lead for the PS2, this would be the preferred option.