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set of wheels & spoiler

23-01-09, 20:42
I have got a set of steel wheels from my old T4 which are not in the best of condition but my be of use to one of you as 2 of the tyres have loads of tread.
They are rusty so I dont expect a great deal for them, just a couple of beers would be good.
If anyone wants them just let me know and then stop by and pick them up.

I also have got a new rear barn door spoiler if someone wants to make me an offer before it goes on Ebay?

All the best

24-01-09, 04:43
pm sent about spoiler

24-01-09, 16:41
Is the spoiler still for sale?

24-01-09, 19:21
you have more pmI:

26-01-09, 07:04
Sorry for the delay chaps in getting back to you all.
I have now replyed to all your PM's

26-01-09, 07:07
Does anyone want the wheels before they end up down the tip as the wife's not liking the wheel display in the back garden:(

26-01-09, 13:08
Guess the spoiler went then?

26-01-09, 15:24
NI'm just waiting for someone to get back to me and confirm they want it, sorry mate, I let you know if that changes though.
Still got the set of wheels though if you like, lol