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Do mk 4 golf alloys fit a T4?

24-01-09, 11:51
Just wondering if mk 4 golf alloys will fit a T4?

24-01-09, 11:57
wrong pcd - 5 x 100.

ones for sale in Kidwely at a good price by any chance ? I looked aswell

24-01-09, 12:07
Na - i bought a set thinking that they'd fit rubbed em down - sprayed em up and don't bloody fit!!!!!! What an idiot i am!!!!!:D
What other models will these alloys fit so i know when i put them back on the bay?
Whats the pcd for t4 is it 112?

Desp Dan
24-01-09, 14:12
T4 PCD is 5 by 112

Look here for VW Fitments

24-01-09, 14:16
you can buy adaptors mate,F K Automotive do um,but they are not cheap.:eek:

24-01-09, 15:01
AFAIK the only vw of recent years to share pcd is the later rats