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Good result

24-01-09, 16:21
Bought a VERY OLD HEAP of a caravan today without seeing it for 20 thinking its worth a gamble (after all only 4 packets of fags init) and salvaged a 12 volt/ gas fridge, sink tap and pump, hob, grill and oven not required, lots of ellecy bits including tv areial and amp, all the foam cushions for bed and a full bottle of gas. :)A:A:A:A:A:A:I:;)LOL:T:

24-01-09, 16:23
lets see a photo of it then before you tidy it up!

24-01-09, 16:27
gone to my mates place to be used as a chicken coup and in exchange got nice two hour old leg of venison for tomorrow lunch yum yum.

24-01-09, 17:53
Now that's what you call a result!!T:A:

big bazza
25-01-09, 15:30
did you get any dags thrown in with the caravan

25-01-09, 15:46
Great result, was going to say scrap the body for the ali , build a tralior from the chassis and sell that, re cycle and make money. Have you named yur van Bitsa...Bitsa from this and Bitsa from that... LOL: