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special factory order?

rik 24
25-01-09, 18:07
Been sent some pics of a t4 badged as a crewvan owner said it came straight from the factory front and rear seats arnt like any ive seen before but match and owner seams to think it 130 bhp all from the factory and hes the only owner any one heard of similar van . its 2002 2.5 lwb

25-01-09, 18:08
I have seen a crewvan before, quite a rare beasty. Not sure weather they were 130 bhp though

25-01-09, 20:10
yeah there's a nice and tidy crewvan in sunny Rugby.

fully unmodded though......... such a shame as it's black I:

26-01-09, 10:39
ANIMALCREWVAN (search his user name. He has a genuine crew van. dont think its a 130BHP though