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Hi Everyone !

25-01-09, 19:59
I hope I am posting this in the right place.
If not please forgive me - I'm blonde..

Ok, I owned a t4 1.9t for a couple of years.
I bought it while I was living in Spain for a while. It was right hand drive, being an ex UK gas van. I really liked it but wanted a bit more go.. So I looked for a 2.5 tdi...
I am now in the UK for a while while studying... and now have just bought an ex AA 2.5 tdi T4... I'm loving it.. and I am looking forward to touring around when the weather improves.
I have put about 1.5k miles on it in the last 2 weeks with a trip down to Cornwall and one around Essex.
When I got it, it was still dirty and it has the lights and tool boxes in it, which I may keep. The hot water is great too but then my other T4 had a similer thing.

Ok, a couple of questions !
The air assisted rear suspension - Does anyone know what preasure should be in the system. And, what preasure to use for what extra load ??? Any information would be appriciated.

Question 2 ... How does one get to the T4 chat room... whats its addi.. is it on ICQ.. ??
Again any info is appriciated..


25-01-09, 20:42
Hi Katie

Welcome to the forum. I can't help you with your queries about your air bags, but I'm sure someone will be along with an answer as there are quite a few ex AA's. You could also do a search.

I think you might find the chatroom a bit hit and miss - a number of people have been in there on their own. Most communications appear to be by posts, PM's or local meets.

You will find that a number of private areas which are all revealed once you pay your tenner. This money is well spent for the the information available and with the discounts available



25-01-09, 20:47
Thanks Trevor.
I will be more than happy to cough up my tenner, once I have found out how and where to pay it.
And of course, as long as it is not a recuring bill.. I just refuse to have anything TAKEN when I least expect it..


25-01-09, 21:03
hey katie, im new to the forum and only managed to fing out how to pay for membership. its a 10 fee for a year membership which is paid through pay pal. click on the T4 tab at the top right of page and then click the 'new t4 forum title, ther is a 'membership fee' on ther, click on it ad its explains all about how to do it. Hope this helps and you get ya profile sorted and sum pics on.

25-01-09, 21:14
pay your money and take advantage of the bags of info...Welcome and enjoy..

Were all her to help...:D

25-01-09, 23:01
The best tenner I have ever spent T:, welcome to the forum......loads of info here.

26-01-09, 07:54
Welcome to the forum Katie :ILU:

26-01-09, 08:17
Hello Blondie !

Fior the air bags -

Min 1Bar

Max 5 Bar.

Always leave the minimum to avoid chaffing ;)

27-01-09, 10:39
Hi Rake
And thank's for the info re; the air presure.
Mine has about 1.5 bar in them at the moment so its ok.

Now all I have to do is find out how to pay my subs on here..
You would think there would be a 'Subs' tab...
There must be lots of people that have problems with finding where to part with there tenner... Mabe some just get ed and depart.. If they want a tenner out of people so bad, you would think it would be made easier..
Ill stop winging now..


27-01-09, 10:54
Hi Katie

Looks like you found some of the info you wanted. Have a look at the link below regarding paying subs - a good investment I believe.




27-01-09, 10:56
hi katie

ok all you need to do is click on the control panel top left then scroll down to paid subscriptions on the bottom left. in there you will find how to subscribe to the full forum including all the tech sections.

As for your airbags 1.5bar is fine to run around with and you only really need to put the pressure up in them if you are carrying a substantial weight. they are there to level out the van with bigger weights by raising the rear.
you can remove them very easilly if you want to lower the van and people pay good money for them.
Not sure if it has been changed but the 10 sub is on a reoccuring paypal payment once a year so it will be taken out again unless you specify not to. (just to warn you if you don't like money going out with not being fully aware)

you'll find the forum great though and the local meets and shows are the best bit.

27-01-09, 14:35
Ohhhh ok.. I found the subs thingie in 'control pannel.. Got my uncle to cough up the tenner ! :)

Thanks guys..

I understand the reasons for the air rear suspension. In fact it is one of the reasons I sought an ex AA T4..
My uncle runs a boatyard here in East Anglia and I sometimes deliver boats for him, towing them here there and every-where.. While he builds them.
With a 20 foot trailer weighing just over a ton I thought the adjustable suspension might be helpfull.

After I sold my 1.9td and just before I bought my 2.5tdi I borrowed a 2.5d Transit and towed a boat 700 miles ... Ohhhhh never again..

Take a look at his website: www.the-boatman.com

I took my old 1.9td T4 to Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium.. I lived in Spain for a while, Just outside the city of Cartagina on the coast, which is just about 50 miles west of Alacante and in the district of Mercia.

I am actually just compleeting my last year at uni and hope to spend some time exploring Anglesy this summer.. And, mabe a few other places along the way.

Regards, Katie.