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Fuel filter part number? Has filter changed? Broken T piece!

25-01-09, 21:56
Hi, I bought some filters from the local VW dealer. Air filter, oil and fuel. The air and oil filters seem to be correct but the fuel filter has a different number and is about 2 inches taller than the one thats on. Also the pipes are back to front. The part number of the one I've been given is 1J0127401A and the one listed in EKTA is 1H0127401C.

The one I've been given would fit if I crossed the pipes over but it just doesn't seem right? There is no O ring seal either where the t piece fits, or do I remove this from the old filter?

I've changed the filter before and it wasn't a problem at all.

My other problem was that I was slightly hamfisted and managed to snap the small plastic T piece that fits into the top of the filter. I believe it contains a small thermosatic valve to return fuel to the filter when the temp is low. Don't suppose anyone has a spare I could buy?

steve padda
25-01-09, 22:57
Hi Mate
If you can get to a breakers you will find that the golf /polo/ passat diesel's all have this part fitted on the fuel filter, I think the part is about 12 to 14 from a dealers.


26-01-09, 21:54
Our local motor factors supplies mahle filters, and they list 2 part No.s for the fuel filters, one comes with the plastic 'T' piece (and the spring clip) , one without. ( can't remember the part numbers though), most of the vw range uses the same filters so should'nt be too hard to track down.
I think I have a spare floating around the top of my toolbox, I'll have a look tommorow and let you know