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NorthWest Garage needed for CamBelt Change

26-01-09, 10:26
I've just bought my first T4 and at 62000 miles it needs a CamBelt change. I've done loads of them before on diferent vehicles but after a bit of looking around I see that the pump timing can be pretty critical and may need an 'computer plug in' jobbie to help re sort the timing....:(

I'm based in Manchester and am looking for a reliable, good value, garage to swap the belt and make sure all is well afterwards. I believe the kit for changing the belt from a VW garage is about 180 without fitting, right?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Drive Safe,


26-01-09, 10:32
just over the Hill down the M62 is
Other members inc myself have used Simon many times
He knows his stuff

26-01-09, 14:14
Try Bullen brothers in Bury,independent vw specialist,they did mine a couple of yrs ago