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Remote Central locking

27-01-09, 18:43
Has anybody fitted one of these and are they any good?


27-01-09, 19:33
yep and all went well and fairly easy to fit with a bit of electrics knowledge neededA:

05-02-09, 19:57
when you say bit of electrical knowledge is required, how much are we talking? Does it just plug somewhere in to the fuse box?
Iv'e wired up a tow bar... and a kitchen! so not a complete muppet with electrics however I have no idea where the other end of the wires go. Would I be right in saying there is a spare "gap" in the fuse box for factory fitted CL?

paul ss
05-02-09, 21:36
search ebay for hawks centreal locking fitted 2 sets now and both been great with no issues , wiring is pretty much fool proof , am usless at electrics but its all plug and play , bit fiddly with the door pins been a little short though T:

06-02-09, 15:15
i installed the exact same ki with no electrical knowledge what so ever. all the looms come pre-wired so all yo need to do is attach the system to your battery, i really is that simple.T:

06-02-09, 17:42
Have a look at these

I havent fitted the full kit but ive got their kit which turns my central locking from manual to remote central locking and its good.

I imagine you may have to lengthen some of the wiring in their full kit but as long as your not electrically incompentant should be easy enough!