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Is it worth repairing.????

28-01-09, 17:10
Evening all.

My good mate has a "s "plate t4 in white in reasonable condition. He has had this some time now and been driving for a while with a noisey g box. On sunday the g box seiezed on his way back from wokingham. The aa had a nightmare to get it on the recovery wagen as it was all locked up.
He has had it dumped outside his unit where it is stuck and the engine will not turn over.!
Is this normal.??

He has been given a price to repair of around 1600 if he can get it to bristol.
Is this worth going for a repair or just moving on to someone who wants a project.?

Any idea of what it is worth in present state to put towards a new van. Any help would be great.

Many thanks.

28-01-09, 17:24
if the gearbox has seazed up whilst in gear yes that will stop the engine turning over, it should still i would of thought make the van jump forward, let me no if he decides to sell it on cheap as a project, i no someone who wants a cheap van to work on,cheers gav

paul ss
28-01-09, 17:29
without stripping it down its inpossible to tell to be honest .

price of 1700 is bit much in my opinion but then again thats me .

28-01-09, 17:29
1600 is very dear but if its for a VW dealer sounds about right. Second hand gear box 300 max with a clutch replacement and refit labour should be no more than 350 so your looking at around 650 to 700 max so in that case i would keep it. If you can get it up here ill set my mechanic on it for you. But please dont let him pay 1600 thats outragouse :ILU:

paul ss
28-01-09, 17:41
the chance of it actualy just been the gearbox that it has distroyed though is the question you should be asking because gearboxs distroy other parts of the engine way past the clutch, i had one last year lock in first with bent for broke all the rod journals with it .

28-01-09, 17:51
Very wise words there actually i was looking on the brighter side of things but he may have to prepare for the worse and in that case fill it full of metal and send it to china or wherever our scraps goin.

28-01-09, 18:09
:confused: This may be way off the mark, but, if he depresses the clutch, wont the engine run anyway as the transmission may have seized not the engine? (ie the wheels wont turn because the gearbox and driveshafts are locked/seized, but by starting with the clutch depressed the engine is effectivley seperate from the gearbox drive enabling the engine to run, as long as the clutch is depressed.:confused:
We had an LDV where the box had lost it's oil(WE ONLY FOUND THIS OUT LATER, NOT DELIBERATLY RUNNING IT LIKE THIS!), was noisy but ran ok, when we stopped at the services and went to restart it it would catch and immediatly stall, push the clutch in and it would start and run happily, release the clutch and it would stall, that had to be winched onto the RAC recovery lorry and dragged off tied to a fencepost as he drove away! The box was totalled and replaced, welded the cogs together the mechanic said.
Just a thought:(

28-01-09, 18:15
1600 quid,blimey.....:eek:

I paid 1500 for my new steed.....T:

28-01-09, 18:54
Thanks for the replies.
Anyone know what he should ask for it? Its reasonable condition been carpeted and lined in the back on standard wheels all good tyres. Been lowered 40mm, towbar, captains chairs and swivels got the side windows 170k miles and 9 mth mot.

Think he is looking to go to a t5 now.

paul ss
28-01-09, 19:17
hows 350quid sound I:

hard to say realy mate without having a look over a van , it could be something so stupied that just needs replacing and his giving van away for penuats

29-01-09, 17:58
Any more thoughts anyone.?

29-01-09, 19:01
Have you tried to turn it over at all?, don't really know what it is worth as is, sorry.