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Some Questions about T4's

29-01-09, 09:21
High all,

New On here.

I am looking at getting a t4 but I have a few questions.

1. Are all T4 classed as Cars or Commercial vehicles for MOT and TAX purposes? or does it only relate to LWBs or pure panel vans.

2. what are the general opinions of Petrol engined Vans (have seen a few for sale and they tend to be cheaper)

3. Ideally I want a crew cab version I have seen a few that don't have the bench seat up front is it easy to fit one?

4. Do people have any trouble parking their van on multi-storey car parks, especialy LWB versions?

5. How warm/cold are crew cab type vans and do the windows in the back open up?

6. When i searched for a buyers guide one of the hreads had a link to a history/timeline of the T4 but I can't seem to find it now so if someone could post that it would be great.

Many Thanks

29-01-09, 09:28
Welcome to the forum mate :ILU:

I can answer part of question 1 and 4.
Panel vans are classed as commercial vehicles, or at least mine is.
No trouble parking in multi stories. Mines a swb and lowered though.

I'm sure you'll get full info from someone soon T:

29-01-09, 09:59
I'll do my bit answer a couple of these.

1. T4 panel vans are generally classed as PLG vans although this is not always the case. Caravelles and Multivans are classed as Diesel Car I believe.

3. When you say crew cab do you mean DOKA or just a bench seat in a single cab? Double cabs are pretty uncommon, never seen one in the flesh, not even at Vanfest this year. Bench seats are very common and easy to swap out, some vans came as standard with two 'captains' seats (800 special for example). Early bench seats (Pre-98) were folding with one 3pt belt and one lap belt, later bench seats have 2 3pt belts and don't fold.

4. Parking is not a problem with my SWB although getting in can be! Some car parks are too low. My van has standard ride height and roof bars and I wouldn't attempt anything below a 2.1m height clearance.

29-01-09, 10:05
Here's a couple of links to history and development pages:

29-01-09, 10:20
Hello a few additions to the above:

1) Ex-AA vans are also classed as a Diesel Car for road tax, which is more but gives you the bonus of (after a lot of arguing) getting a cheaper rate on ferries, toll roads and driving at 70mpg not 60.

3) Seats up front can be swapped very easy you just need a different base for a double and of course a seat ;) Seats can also be fitted in the rear - same as the Ex-AA which come as 5 seaters - 3 up front and 2 in the back. Or you can put more than two in the back as long as it's properly fitted out and insurance told etc.

4) No probs in multi storey or general car parks. I have an ex-aa so she's on big springs so rides high but 2.1m or above is not an issue.

5) My back windows do not open, I'm thinking of putting in a sunroof which will. You can also fit windows quite easily, should you buy a panel van which open - similiar to the T5's. I insulated my van, soundproofed it and when the heater is on she is really warm and toasty and holds the heat well. Uninsulated will be a bit nippy. It's easy to do.

Hope this helps. If you do search on insulating, window instals, seating etc loads of info will pop up. One warning though - it gets addictive!


steve padda
29-01-09, 13:59
You will have to check the v5 to be sure as not all caravelles are classed as diesel cars, mine is lgv and is 180 to tax for the year.
But I have the lgv speed restrictions.
Most Panel vans and some velles come with a double and a single seat up front.