VW T4 Garage around Epping Essex

29-01-09, 18:54
Please help. I have moved to Essex and work in Woodford. I have tried to larger garages, both of which have been.... well poor !!. I do not expect miracles... but humans with a love of the vw t4/beetle etc they are working on. These 2 garages were mainly 'fitters' who had a come here if you want, I dont care attitude.

I can travel around but would like a recommendation

All help appreciated

31-01-09, 14:56
Anybody out there

31-01-09, 17:53
hi if you find one let me know lm in theydon

01-02-09, 08:54
Yes, No worries.
Incidently I have used the VW in Woodford Green. They know their stuff but are busy enough not to be bothered. I have used a vw one in North Weald but they did a full service and whilst they are nice guys, my air filter hadnt been changed and the car came back with no oil. They were really busy at Christmas so I guessed they rushed the job. It was just lucky I checked.


04-02-09, 19:01
There must be an outstanding garage around me that everyone is keeping stum about. Its so top secret. Cmon guys let me in. Is it a funny handshake I need?

20-02-09, 13:12
There's a place next to the Castle pub/Harvester that did old campers and beetles. Never used them though. Maybe worth a try?

20-02-09, 16:11
... In Woodford ? Yes, done those. Rather busy and they were the 'devil may care' attitude. Put a beatle in for an MoT. I work round the corner so said call me but if its under 200 get it done. I heard nothing so called them. Was told they had done the car and a mechanic would get back to me. Nothing at all ! Went to pick it up and it hadnt passed its MoT. Ok fair enough, why ? 1 faulty bulb in headlight and some gators. I asked why they had just not done it but they said they had tried to call. I was sat by the phone all day so I knowthey didnt. I booked it in in their next available spot ... 1 week later, but ended up doing the work and putting it through at a local MoT testing place.

There is another place in North Weald but likewise not really beetle/van lovers.

Cheers anyway.

22-02-09, 17:28
There is a great garage in snaresbrook at the side of the cuckfield pub, the bloke you want is Brad very resonable and they know all about T4's . Hopefully its still there.

22-02-09, 17:47
Cheers damo.
Will google them now

Big Bad Bear
22-02-09, 17:52
Have you ESSEX BOYS noticed there is a meet at Lakeside this Wednesday Evening could be all the answers you ever wanted to know in one place
link at the bottom of my signature

22-02-09, 17:56
Wednesday 25th at 7.30? Thats a most defo ifthe wife agree's.... no wait she can go shopping !!!! Bingo

Big Bad Bear
22-02-09, 17:57
Wednesday 25th at 7.30? Thats a most defo ifthe wife agree's.... no wait she can go shopping !!!! Bingo

Sweet!! i will add you to the list Fella A:

22-02-09, 18:33

I can recomend a garage I found when i needed the big cambelt service. I looked around until I found someone I was happy with. I've given them my business every time since, as i feel comfortable with them. They phone and ask and explain every cost along the way if the origional job changes. ie - they noticed my pedal box was cracked and asked if they could weld it to stop it breaking completetly. 30 instead of 500 if I remember correctly.

I often go Mtb'ing in Epping forrest whilst its in the garage, and I travel 40 miles to get to them each time. So, I recommend them with confidence:

Expert VW: http://www.expertvwaudi.co.uk/index.html

Say Alasdair with the silver velle recomended them, if you use them.