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Petty theft of my Audi wheel centres.

30-01-09, 08:51
Last night some thieving 'bar steward' thought that my wheel centres looked too tempting to leave well alone and nicked them. I suppose I should be thankfull that he didn't take the complete wheels but all the same I am feeling a little down. I know the original ones fetch a few quid on ebay so will look out for a set going in my area in the near future, in case that helps track 'em down. I won't be buying a replacement set of Audi ones as what's the point? They know where I am now so will be back for more.

Took the van for it's MOT and service, fingers crossed no more bad news on its way!

Ian. :(

30-01-09, 09:03
If its any consilation, they probably damaged them getting them off!!

I wanted to remove mine to paint them the other day, and I couldn't get the b:*ds off from the outside!!!

Will have to remove the wheel, and 'pop' them out from the back :(

You're right about the I keep an eye out on E-Bay for a spare set to paint instead, and all you get are the Chinese copies, and even they want 15+ for the non- genuine ones.

Theivin' little scrotes :no

30-01-09, 09:09
Things like this really get on my moobs!
Go buy your own you :* Scally!
Like the man said, he/she has probably broken then getting them off.

30-01-09, 09:17
He did scratch the wheels slightly as he took them. I just found a set for 20 on ebay in another part of the country, but as I said I am not even going there again. They were nice while I had them and really set the wheels off nice, especially as the van's debadged elsewhere. One guy in a tyre place actually had to ask what van it was? H:

Ian. :D