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VW Cambelt change- surely not right

30-01-09, 09:40
Just phoned VW van centre for a price on changing the cambelt, waterpump and injector pulley etc

quoted price 260.28 + vat surely they got this wrong...Checked a few times to make sure it was the fitted price which it was..

For a T4 2.5tdi.......

30-01-09, 09:43
Sounds about correct to me.

30-01-09, 09:46
Sounds quite cheap for a main dealer tbh!

30-01-09, 09:48
considering the genuine parts actually cost 180+vat

Thats better than i can do

30-01-09, 10:06
Yeah thought it was a bit cheap especially for a stealer, have phoned the next local VW to see what they come up with but am waiting for a price off them....

30-01-09, 10:09
Take the opportunty and bite their hands off at that price.

As Dazboi01 mentions, he cant do it at that price, then it is worth doin for your own piece of mind and save a few quid at the same time.

30-01-09, 10:20
Thing is its just some silly woman on the desk will probably all change when I get there....I'm guessing by saying cambelt and Injector belt that they expect I want the tensioner and pulley changed???? Or is this where the pricing has gone wrong.

30-01-09, 10:27
Get them to email a quote to you or fax if you can.

Then at least you have it in black and white. The quote should be valid for at least 14 days, which is what we get from Lister's VW in Worcester.

30-01-09, 10:32
Different van centre whole new ball game.

605 inclusive of vat.......5 hrs labour tottalling 414 in that mix up (gees just worked that out and its 82.80 an hour)

30-01-09, 11:02
i just quoted phil5556 off here for 2.5 lt lube service, cambelt and ancillaries plus both lower ball joints 550+vat

30-01-09, 11:05
YEah I'm in Brum otherwise would have got you to give me a price....

30-01-09, 11:08
YEah I'm in Brum otherwise would have got you to give me a price....

oskins comes down from walsall, bigcat comes down from worcester, jungle came down from scouse land!

30-01-09, 11:10
We get our VW parts trade, so when we wanted a service done on our T5 we said can we buy the parts and leave them in the vehicle.

The service reception asked what discount we got and gave us that off the labour costs as well.

Double winner.

If you dont ask you dont get.

No dis-respect to any VW service departments, but as time is hard they are willing to negotiate.

Ask around.

30-01-09, 11:18
PM'd you Daz

My local servicing guy is really good just wanted someone who may have done a few more of these...

30-01-09, 13:41
Make sure you take it to a main dealer for the cambelt. There have been to many horror stories on here of back street garages who think they know what they are doing.