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photoshop wizard required

30-01-09, 17:48
im thinking of having my bonnet painted black so looking for someone to do a bit photoshop wizardry .would like it done satin black all over then 1 pic 2 yellow stripes one above each headlight and an another pic with 2 yellow stripes fairly central with approx 100mm between as i cant decide how to get it done any help appreciated .

marine boy
30-01-09, 18:28
Not sure if this is what you were thinking.

30-01-09, 18:32
yeah thats it cheers for that dude looks wicked still cant decide which i like better though

30-01-09, 18:36
Wish I was good at photoshop - top work

Think I like the last one best. Either way would be worth buying a scrappy bonnet to do it too, in case you either don't like it, or to swap back when the time comes to sell.

looking good regardless T:

30-01-09, 18:40
yeah i think im more swaying to the second one .bonnet needs painting anyroad as its stone chipped to hell .not planning to sell it any time soon so not fussed

06-03-09, 15:11
well just a wee update to this thread ive now had the bonnet painted think it looks good what do you guys think

from this

to this

and from the front angle

06-03-09, 17:07
Looking good Tam T:

06-03-09, 17:27
I like it:cool:

06-03-09, 18:15
That looks fantastic :ILU:

07-03-09, 21:18
looking good tam who painted it for you? or did you do the old rattlecan scam:D

07-03-09, 23:59
looking good tam who painted it for you? or did you do the old rattlecan scam:D

got burgoins in airth to do it dude resprayed the entire drivers side too .only problem is now i want the rest painted A: as its super smooth so going back in a few weeks .leather should be done by next weekend too its getting there but im almost skint now I: