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Best bits

Captain Chaos
31-01-09, 09:44
Wooohooo found a van. T reg 800 special (although not so special yet!) first port of call was to get clear indicators but I noticed the ones for sale on ebay didnt seem to fit so well and dont look infitting with the headlamps. What have you guys fitted? Which look and fit the best? Best place to source bits? Advice much appreciatedon all bits as havea huge shopping list :) Deciding between 18'' and 19'' boots is a bit tricky too but thats another story.

31-01-09, 09:53
Got mine from cmc, they're the straight forward clear ones and fit fine and look OK - certainly 100% better than the orange ones at any rate

Are you looking for clear, crystal or smoked? and guessing you need the short nose ones

Captain Chaos
31-01-09, 10:27
Hi yes its a short nose and i want the ones that look the same as the headlamps so they dont stand out. Does CMC gave a website? Thanks for the reply

31-01-09, 10:36
Yes they've got a website but not fully up at present

Alternatively have a look at these

31-01-09, 11:07
Well done dude! Now remember that you could spend millions and millions on the van the problem is that you will never ever feel the guilt so go ahead!